Ventoux office

Ventoux is a Dutch niche law firm that focuses on the exploitation and protection of intellectual capital. It specializes in intellectual property (IP), media and information technology (IT) law. 

Ventoux networks with law firms outside its main areas of expertise (both nationally and internationally). That way we can offer high quality services and, if necessary, work with a team of lawyers that is best suited for a particular matter or client. Ventoux also networks with UtrechtInc, a business incubator with an accelerator program, as a Friend

Below you will find information on our field of expertise. For additional insight, see Practice and Products.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property - marks, trade names, copyrights, designs, domain names, neighbouring rights, patents, databases, goodwill and know how - have become more and more important as business assets. Ventoux assists multinationals as well as start-ups in the development, implementation and protection of new business models by providing a legal framework to safeguard and exploit the creation of intellectual capital by innovations. We help you identifying, protecting, making available, structuring, licensing and enforcing your IP rights where necessary.


Privacy and Data protection

We advise organisations on privacy and data protection. We take a hands-on approach and give practical advice. We have provided privacy advice to a large number of clients. 


Media / Broadcasting / Sports

Changes and innovation are at the heart of the media and telecom industry sector. Product cycles are short and the landscape for national broadcasting is changing rapidly. Ventoux is active in the full spectrum of the media and telecommunication sector and in all relevant aspects of the law, such as contracts, litigation and regulatory. Closely related is the sports sector, in which we are actively involved by advising on i.a. sponsorships, broadcasting issues and protocols.


IT / Communication / Technology

Information technology and other forms of technology have become the nucleus of almost every organization. Ventoux keeps up to date with the development of new technologies and advises clients on the legal issues associated with the development, implementation and exploitation of these new technologies.


The Mont Ventoux

The inspiration for the name of the firm comes from the Mont Ventoux, a French mountain in the Provence. It is a challenging mountain to climb for cyclists and has featured in many classic Tour de France stages. Only preparation and perseverance will get you to the top. That is true for the practice of law as well as for conquering the Mont Ventoux on a bicycle.