Ventoux is a Dutch niche law firm (founded in 2004) with the ambition to provide top quality legal advice in a pragmatic way. Ventoux focuses on the exploitation and protection of intellectual capital. Our lawyers are specialized in intellectual property (IP), media, marketing and information technology (IT) law.



Ventoux networks with law firms outside its areas of expertise (both nationally and internationally). That way we can offer high quality services and, if necessary, work with a team of lawyers best suited for a particular matter or client.   

Friend of UtrechtInc

Ventoux is also Friend of UtrechtInc, a business incubator with an accelerator program. Ventoux actively supports UtrechtInc start-ups by providing IP/IT legal advice and participating as legal mentor.


Our practice consists of litigation and advice on:

Recent Experience

Our recent experience includes:

  • Trade marks (logo's), trade names & domain names
  • Industrial design, fashion, toys & electronics
  • Technical innovations
  • Privacy & cookies
  • Sports, gaming & gambling
  • Advertising & sponsoring
  • Publishing
  • Collective management of copyrights & neighbouring rights
  • E-commerce & internet (webshops, online platforms)
  • General terms & conditions
  • Mobile services
  • Internet service providers
  • Software licenses
  • Distribution agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Cloudcomputing
  • Public procurement ('aanbesteding')






  • Advice on intellectual capital portfolio and strategy to joint ventures, private equity investors and technology start-ups
  • Advice to and litigation on broadcasting & sponsoring for Pan-European media companies and sports clubs
  • Advice on IT projects, including IT contracts concerning licenses and distribution   
  • Advice on the legal aspects of an open-source platform to an architecture firm
  • Advice on cloud and website security to e-commerce companies
  • Advice on EU Procurement Issues, such as roadpricing, public safety and innovative infrastructures, to several tiers of government and companies 
  • Advice on privacy issues, including compliance, policies and statements for websites and app developers 
  • IP and unfair competition litigation concerning toys, industrial designs, clothing, shoes & electronic equipment
  • Misleading and comparative advertisement litigation concerning the telecommunications industry and medical devices
  • IT litigation concerning a failed ERP-software implementation project